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Tommy's Tree Services

Owner Thomas Inscoe, and his crew have been providing tree removal and care since 1992. Specializing in tree removal they can provide safe removal of your unwanted trees.

Dead, dying, and defective trees, must be removed to protect people and property. Removing these trees provides an opportunity to replant the site with a young, vigorous tree that can make a positive contribution to the landscape.

Tree Removal

Getting large trees taken down safely and efficiently is an art form. Many tree removals require qualified Arborists because of their location near buildings or power lines. Some trees need to be removed because they are dying or dead and pose a hazard. We can help you decide if a tree needs to be removed. When the time comes that a large tree needs to come down, we are ready to do the work with professional results.

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Stump Grinding

It can take 20 years for a stump to disappear. once a tree has been removed. We can grind out the stump immediately.

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Stumps can pose a hazard or just be a nuisance. Once ground out, the area can be restored to lawn or a plant bed. Stump grinding is a cost-effective way to permanently remove the stump and make the area safe.

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Tree Shrub Pruning

Using modern equipment, trained personnel, and up-to-date techniques, we maintain and beautify your valuable shade trees, ornamentals, and evergreens. We apply the same skills in managing your landscape plants. Properly pruned trees and shrubs are aesthetically pleasing, healthier, and add equity to the landscape.

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Vegetation Control

Do you have a patch of Poison Ivy on your property? Perhaps you have brush you wish you could get rid of, or perhaps debris is taking over. We can get rid of these objectionable things. Areas that have been infested with this type of material can be converted to better use.

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